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"A Wedding to Remember"




Guests are arriving to share your special day. 

They see a vision of “Living Art” as the

Centerpieces creating a Unique Asian Flare.                       

Available are Flowering Tropical Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Trees are placed in the center of each table with a mat and an information card identifying each individual tree for the benefit of your guests. 













The Bride and Groom will visit the studio

      prior to wedding day to choose trees

          for the centerpiece of each table.

A Bonsai Tree can also be placed in

          the center of the place card table.

A list of all trees chosen will be sent

     To the Bride and Groom for Reference










The Bonsai Trees you have selected will be

delivered to the event one hour prior to

festivities commencing and properly put in

place. Immediately following the end of

the event, we will return to retrieve all trees.

A special gift of a Bonsai Tree can be

given to the Bride and Groom’s parents.